On this site you will have access to ordering astrology relocation personalized interpretive reports and maps using the techniques relocation astrology and Astrocartography astrologers use.

You will find costs are very inexpensive when compared to paying for personal consultations. By ordering these reports and maps you are not receiving personal consultations.

By reading and exploring relocation reports and maps you can find your own conclusions. Sometimes a person expects to find locations that are perfect or almost perfect in every way.  Just as we have hard and soft aspects in out birth chart we also have these issues in relocation astrology. Balancing the pros and cons is the greatest challenge when understanding results.

You will see a mix of both positive and negative interpretations in the reports. In a positive location there should always be enough positive support to balance the energy you do not like.

Through email I answer questions based on the academics that make the reports and basic questions about understanding how certain energies work.  I usually respond within hours, but the demands of my other work does take me away.

If you feel comfortable about reading relocation reports and reviewing the maps sampled on this website, this site will be well worth it.

This site may not be valuable to you if you want someone to do the explorations for you and to carefully communicate with you on all your personal thoughts. This would be a personal reading.

This site may not be valuable to you if prefer to buy the software yourself.



   If you feel like reading more..................  


  When people want someone to spend a lot of time demanding exacting focus I  recommend readers. 

Reader gets paid by the hour or the amount of locations researched for you.

Readers will search the technical information and perhaps even run the reports and maps provided on this website. Then they share their technical results in a personal and intuitive manner. The client can feel more personal about a reader's responses and  therefore have more secure feelings about results.

The technical findings are going to be based on all or part of the following areas: aspects in a relocated birth chart, Astrocartography lines, and perhaps parans, or planetary crossings. So I provide:

For relocated birth chart aspects:
Relocation Information Report
Environmental therapy Report
Treasure Maps

For Astrocartography lines:
Astrocartography Explained Report
Astrocartography maps

For Astrocartography lines and parans (if parans are present)
Solar Maps Report