Astrocartography Maps


Astrocartography maps show various planetary lines. If you go to one of your astrocartography lines the qualities of that planetary line would be a major theme to your life while you are there. Planetary line influences are experienced strongly when with your are within 200 miles of either side of the line. Influence diminishes after 400 miles. If no line is near you the closest line can have a secondary effect on you.

When reading the maps you will note four different types of planetary lines. There are those with As (ascending or rising), Ds (descending or setting), Mc (midheaven) or IC (Imum Coeli).

An ascending line is one of self expression and how others will see you.

A descending line shows what is happening outside of you.

A midheaven line is a career line and reflects public involvement.

An IC line is one of psychological foundation and reflects one’s rooted emotional state of mind.

If two or more lines intersect there is a strong influence. The nature of the influence would be the chemistry of the characteristics of the planetary lines involved.

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Below are the planetary glyphs with keyword meanings:

SUN     Self, feeling comfortable with one's self
MOON     Nurturing, emotional support, psychic
MERCURY     Mind, thinking, communications, writing, media
VENUS     Love, romance, beauty, quality, social, art
MARS     Aggression, drive, assertion
SATURN     Responsibility, lessons, structure, discipline
JUPITER     Optimistic, luck, exaggeration, expansive, success, education
URANUS     Individuality, creativity, ingenuity, sudden changes, eccentric
NEPTUNE      Idealism, illusion, surrender, transcendence, spirituality, depression
PLUTO     Transformation, rebirth, power, underworld, intensity, death