Astrocartography Maps with Asteroid Keyword Ideas


Astrocartography maps show various planetary lines. If you go to one of your astrocartography lines the qualities of that planetary line would be a major theme to your life while you are there. Planetary line influences are experienced strongly when with your are within 200 miles of either side of the line. Influence diminishes after 400 miles. If no line is near you the closest line can have a secondary effect on you.

When reading the maps you will note four different types of planetary lines. There are those with As (ascending or rising), Ds (descending or setting), Mc (midheaven) or IC (Imum Coeli).

An ascending line is one of self expression and how others will see you.

A descending line shows what is happening outside of you.

A midheaven line is a career line and reflects public involvement.

An IC line is one of psychological foundation and reflects one’s rooted emotional state of mind.

If two or more lines intersect there is a strong influence. The nature of the influence would be the chemistry of the characteristics of the planetary lines involved.

Formation of asteroids: The large majority of asteroids are located in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There are 700000 to 1.7 estimated million asteroids in this belt. Asteroids are not limited to this area between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are made from planetesimals, objects formed from dust, rock, and other materials. The collision and merging of these small bodies formed asteroids orbiting the sun during the formation of the planets.

Chiron is a planetoid (minor planet).

Astrologically asteroids have a feminine quality.

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Below are the asteroid and planetoid glyphs with keyword meanings:

Ceres    CERES:    How one nurtures oneself and others. Deals with what one cares about.   Largest asteroid and first to be discovered  1/1/1801. Dimensions approximately 590 miles in diameter.
Juno  JUNO:     Relating to relationships. About contractual and comittted relationships   Discovered  9/1/1804.  Dimensions are approximately 198×166×124 miles.
Vesta  VESTA:     Purification through truth. Strong spiritual sense. Purpose of life. What we are devoted to. Being centered. Brightest of all the asteroids.  Discovered 3/29/1807. Dimensions are approximately 359×348×285 miles.
Pallas  PALLAS:   (Pallas Athena)    Faces creativity and learning issues. Fights for causes. Energy to promote the arts. Androgynous with strong female influence to resolve issues.  Discovered 3/28/1802. Dimensions approximately 338 miles in diameter.
Chiron CHIRON:    Wounded healer. Develops wisdom through life experiences. Teacher. Provides intelligence and wisdom to another without necessarily receiving back. . Also know as a maverick. Does not adhere to standard procedure as traveling one's individual path. Represented by longest eliptical orbit in our solar system. Ranges from closer to the Sun than Saturn to farther away than Uranus. Discovered in 10/18/1977. Dimensions approximately 145x88 miles.