If you look at a treasure map focused on a love theme you look at the planets that invoke stimulus having to do with love. So in the case of love you are looking at the Sun , Venus, the Moon  Mars and Pluto.

     Technically you not only have planetary lines running through locational areas on your maps, but also the midpoints between two planets creating midpoint lines. The astrological glyphs with forward slashes between them represent midpoint lines such as Venus/Uranus. The little symbols next to the planets represent the types of aspects these lines are making to important points to you personally, such as the square or conjunction.


Maps covering a larger area, such as the world rather than the United States show information that is smaller and cannot be zoomed in.



The size of the page is the same whether the United States,  a continent or the entire world is shown. So, the larger the area covered on one map the more condensed the information is.